• What We Do

    "Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures."--- Michael Broadbent

    Sip'd is Central Oregon's Original Mobile Wine Cart 

    Our mission is to bring great wine to your event. Unlike caterers or other services, we are wine SPECIALISTS. We do wine and only wine (ok, and cheese and maybe Wine Spritzers and Mimosas, but still...)

    Every one of our packages, regardless of budget, feature premium wine choices and not low end, "Convenience Store" wines. You can rest assured that our wines are curated specifically for your event with multiple choices based upon your menu/guest preferences/personal choices. Each package features a red, a white and a sparkling wine chosen just for you.  Our wines are chosen from all over the world and we strive to have a constantly revolving selection so that no event is exactly like the one before. 

    Who We Are and Why us?

    Kit and Lauren Mann

    With an entrepreneurial spirit firmly entrenched in their souls, Owners, Kit and Lauren Mann launched Sip'd Wine in March of 2022. 

    In Central Oregon, where beer is king, Kit and Lauren realized that the wine community was not only strong and deep, but woefully underserved, especially at the many events that Central Oregon is known for throughout the year. And when wine IS available, it is almost always something sub-standard, or as Kit likes to call them, "convenience store wines."

    So the concept was born. Sip'd will bring premium, great tasting wine to the places where Central Oregonians most love to congregate; Concerts, Festivals, Weddings, Parties and Parks.


    They also have designed Sip'd to be as earth friendly as possible by using bio-friendly drinkware, taking steps to minimize waste, making sure that everything that is recylable IS recycled after each event and that wineries that have those same values are featured as much as possible. 


    Kit and Lauren have been in Central Oregon and the PNW for more than 20 years and make their home here. They decided to start Sip'd Wine, simply because it combined things that they both love: Wine. Customer Service. Being Involved in the Central Oregon Lifestyle and of course, more wine.


    The Mission Statement of Sip'd Wine is simple:

    "Live Well. Drink Well. Be Well."

  • Special Occasions

    Make your occasion even more special by inviting us along. Multiple options for you to choose for your event. If you want open bar, we can do that. Drink Tickets? We can do that. Or we can roll up and serve your guests individually. Multiple wine options are available for ANY budget, but all of our wines are premiuim labels, curated for your event.

    "Life is too short to drink (or serve) cheap wine."

    • Weddings
    • Anniversaries
    • Corporate Mixers and Outings
    • Holiday Parties
    • Family Reunions and Picnics


    Sip'd Wine Affairs will be all over Central Oregon. Watch our social media for our event calendar and come out and say hello and let us serve you some amazing wines, chosen JUST for that particular event.

    If you'd like Sip'd to have a space at your event, please reach out (sipdwine@gmail.com) and we will be in touch!

    • Festivals
    • Concerts
    • City-wide Holiday Gatherings

    Regular Wine Stops

    Nothing better than sipping great wine while exploring all of the regular events in Central Oregon. Whether it's a Saturday Market in Bend or a Concert in the Park in Prineville, we want to be there!

    Watch our socials for details or just look for our wine cart at your favorite event.

    • Farmer's Markets
    • Block Parties
    • Pop-Up Events
    • Personal Wine Tastings (Perfect for small parties or "Girl's Night" style events)
  • Packages and Pricing

    YES! We are available for private events at ANY budget

    All of our packages are customizable and the prices listed here are an example of what you would pay.

    We know how frustrating it can be to look at a website for pricing and have some company be clandestine and secretive.

    These are meant as jumping off points and each package can be catered to be higher or lower, depending on what you're looking for.

    Our goal is to make your event special and we are ALWAYS willing to be flexible in our pricing.

    Tastings And Small Event Service

    (Averages $300)

    How about a wine tasting for your girl's night, bachelorette party or birthday celebration? Ideal for parties of fifteen or less. We will bring the wine, the knowledge and the music. You bring the people. We can mold this package to fit your budget. You can pick white, red, bubbly or all three. Premium wine, fun atmosphere, and more!


    The Essentials

    (Averages $700)

    This is the perfect package for a budget-conscious wedding, birthday, anniversary or company event.

    We will show up with the wine specifically curated for your party. Unlike other caterers and companies who treat wine as an after-thought and then bring you low-end, convenience store labels, we bring you quality wine specific to your price range, but still highly rated. We take the time to pick something just for your tastes. Reds, Whites and Sparkling. This package can be tailored as an open bar, drink ticket based, or by the glass. Your choice, based on your wants, needs and budget.

    Happy Medium

    (Averages $1000)

    Exactly like the Essetentials package, but with an elevated label selection and charcuterie options, included. Wine choices will include not only select reds, whites and sparkling, but and additional choice, based upon your wants. Perhaps, you'd like something bold, like a Cab Sauv but you know that we many in your party would prefer something lighter, like a Grenache or a Pinot Noir. This is where we come in and make EVERYONE happy! This package can also be tailored, as above to suit your needs


    (Averages $1800)

    This package is made for large weddings, parties and events. It includes everything in the Happy Medium package but we curate premium, high-end labels AND will also bring additional brands for tasting flights and a special bottle for toasting, if requested. This package, as the others, can be designed for an open bar situation, drink tickets, or by the glass. The choices are endless. We will design this package in anyway that you desire.

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